Charting Financial Success: Navigating Assets and Potential with GIS Mapping

Each year, financial companies and analysts encounter crucial decisions related to land assets and sub-surface data. The bedrock of informed choices rests upon precise mapping, trustworthy data, and the deep insights provided by our Tax Parcel Product, our Well and Production Product, and our industry-leading Land Grid Product, encompassing 35+ comprehensive layers, including detailed Texas data. 

Whether mapping out expansive areas or navigating intricate local market dynamics, our GIS data and software tailored for financial analysis empower decision-makers with unwavering confidence. With our solutions, you can:

      1. Analyze potential and historic result.
      2. Safeguard against unknown risks.
      3. Ensure seamless compliance with regulatory standards.
      4. Fine-tune parcel data for meticulous legal examination.

Parcel Data

Our dataset is 150+ million parcel boundaries and growing with 99.5% of coverage for the US population. The data is standardized and seamless, regardless of county or state.

Well Data

Our industry-leading data well data, boasting oil and gas wells, formations, monthly and historical production (and much more) address these challenges with accuracy and detail.


Immediate Access to the Latest Data Streamed into your GIS

USLandGrid MapVerse Data Portal provides access to the latest data and data updates so that informed decisions can be made with the utmost confidence. With our advanced APIs the MapVerse Data Portal enables the most accurate data streamed directly in your GIS. 

Built across the Industry leading Data Model

Experience our exclusive national grid featuring 35+ comprehensive layers, meticulously encompassing Texas down to the finest details of lots, tracts, and quarter-quarters — setting the gold standard for precision and accuracy within the industry.

Over 142 million properties across more than 3,000 counties, covering over 99% of the US population. The most comprehensive land ownership maps available.

Comprehensive and up-to-date culture available including state and county boundaries, transmission lines, bridges, pipelines, wind turbines, roads, rivers, streams, buildings, municipalities, and more.

Encompassing a wide range of vital information including headers, formation tops, completions, perforations, casings, initial potentials, surveys, and monthly production records. This comprehensive data reaches even further into the past, with well and production records dating from the early 1900s.

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