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OIl and Gas Data News

  • Tax Parcel Dataset has a tax parcel database that includes all the major attributes including PID, owner name, mailing address, physical address, market value, tax zone, and many other attributes. They @USLandGrid now have over 3,000 counties of tax parcel data across the United States. All of Oklahoma was recently updated. The complete Oklahoma...
  • GIS and Mapping Services

    Did you know we provide cutting edge GIS solutions to companies across the industry? We support the enterprise down to the desktop with extensive experience in web mapping and custom tools. Server Setup USLandGrid makes implementations much easier. We help with the migration tasks necessary when going from one platform...
  • Direct Streaming - An Easy Way to Consume Data

    Direct Streaming - An Easy Way to Consume Data Streaming our data directly into your mapping software (or web mapping application) is an easier way to consume data without the management overhead of loading or updating data. Included in our stream is our fully featured land grid, our detailed culture...
  • Land Grid that is Beautiful and Deep

    Land Grid that is Beautiful and Deep Texas Our recently updated Texas land data includes Abstracts, Major Surveys, Minor Surveys, Sections. Blocks, Subdivisions, Lots, Tracts, Gulf of Mexico and boundaries.   What else? We also include Texas pipelines, District boundaries and Texas townships. University lands and Railroad sections are also...
  • GIS and Mapping Services

    GIS and Mapping Services USLandGrid's team of GeoExperts provide cutting edge GIS solutions to companies across the oil and gas industry. We support exploration programs consisting of historical data compilations with geological, geochemical, drill hole, tenement and geophysical map vectorization, data transcription, and translation. Exploration GIS Services With extensive experience...
  • Expanded Tax Parcel Coverage

    Expanded Tax Parcel Coverage Our platform offers tax parcel data, including property lines, land boundaries, property owner, physical address, mailing address and a variety of other property attributes for over 2,900 counties across the U.S. Buy the individual county, or the states that you need at a lower cost over...
  • AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting

    AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting See you next week! Upgrade your land grid with more details, more layers, and better resolution. Focusing on geology and land, we help the enterprise work seamlessly together with our data. - Booth # 34.   We also have some great give aways!
  • AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition (ACE)

    AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition (ACE) See you next week! Found out more about our high resolution data that includes land grid, wells, culture, tax parcels and logs at booth # 1243. We also have some great give aways!
  • Review: Updated Map Data

    Review: Updated Map Data USLandGrid has been busy focused on data and our datasets. The last quarter has seen the team expand our grid coverage significantly. Texas  Our Texas land grid product continues to expand. Just released - we now have complete coverage for lots, tracts and subdivisions. This adds...

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