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GIS and Mapping Services

GIS and Mapping Services

USLandGrid's team of GeoExperts provide cutting edge GIS solutions to companies across the oil and gas industry. We support exploration programs consisting of historical data compilations with geological, geochemical, drill hole, tenement and geophysical map vectorization, data transcription, and translation.

Exploration GIS Services

With extensive experience in compiling data from varied time frames and formats, our GeoExperts are capable of pulling out all the necessary data from historical exploration reports such as, drill hole collars, assays, drill lithology logs, geophysical downhole logs and its location specific data; geochemical assays, assay method types, etc.

Web Mapping Services

Our GeoExperts help companies get started with start to finish web mapping services and solutions. Our experts are fluent in Esri and Open Source applications. We have extensive experience in SSL environments needing an enterprise web mapping environment that is secure and accessible inside and outside of the corporate firewall.


GIS Data Integration

Whether you need to integrate multiple datasets, or do pre-exploration studies, our GeoExperts can help.
• Pre-Exploration studies on Geology, cross sections, 3D Models
• Data management solutions integrating multiple datasets
• Tenement mapping and its licensing details
• Satellite Imagery Vectorization
– Landuse Mapping
– Feasibility studies
– Watershed Delineation