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  • Supporting those who need support

    As the owner of a company you are always balancing what is perceived by your customers. When it comes to opinions and politics we are told to be quiet so as not to offend anyone and hurt our revenue. That's really not okay... For those supporting real equality at a...
  • Oklahoma Oil and Gas Well and Production Data

    We would like to proudly introduce the newest addition to our rapidly growing list of products: Oklahoma oil and gas well and production data. Once purchased, each delivery includes well headers, formation tops, completions, casings, surveys, initial potentials, perforations and monthly production - with monthly updates. All well data is...
  • Proud Sponsors of Regis Rugby

    USLandGrid has been sponsors of Regis University Rugby Club since 2018. By being active supporters, we help the students pay for necessary equipment and travel expenses. This year the club achieved new heights, reaching the sweet sixteen (out of 256 colleges). Over the last three years the club has been...
  • GIS Enterprise Services

    Did you know we provide cutting edge GIS solutions to companies across the industry? We support the enterprise down to the desktop with extensive experience in web mapping and custom tools. Server Setup USLandGrid makes implementations much easier. We help with the migration tasks necessary when going from one platform...
  • GIS and Mapping Services

    GIS and Mapping Services USLandGrid's team of GeoExperts provide cutting edge GIS solutions to companies across the oil and gas industry. We support exploration programs consisting of historical data compilations with geological, geochemical, drill hole, tenement and geophysical map vectorization, data transcription, and translation. Exploration GIS Services With extensive experience...

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