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Direct Streaming - An Easy Way to Consume Data

Direct Streaming - An Easy Way to Consume Data

Streaming our data directly into your mapping software (or web mapping application) is an easier way to consume data without the management overhead of loading or updating data. Included in our stream is our fully featured land grid, our detailed culture, and other value added layers that enable you to build comprehensive and good looking maps in seconds.

Streaming Land Data

Our streaming land data effortlessly streams into your application with our WMS or WFS stream. It is already beautifully labelled and cartographically pleasing. All the land grid layers can be turned on and off individually. Best of all, it's always up-to-date and you don't have to manage it locally.

Streaming Culture

The streaming culture covers all the US States and Puerto Rico. Each state has approximately ninety layers, including the boundaries, all the roads, rivers, streams, lakes, forests, parks, landmarks, etc. Texas includes pipelines. Like the land grid stream, it's beautifully labelled and cartographically pleasing straight out of the box.
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