Complete Land Data

Section Township Range AND Lots and Quarters and Quarter Quarters and Tax Parcels

Most vendors think land data equals sections and townships, maybe boundaries. We realize that complete land data means just that. Our land grid includes sections, townships, quarters, quarter quarters, lots and boundaries. In Texas, we have the same depth and breadth of layers. Our tax parcels are the latest and greatest including the latest tax roll and the latest polygons.

Incomplete Land Grid?

Getting the most out of your data

Most legal descriptions refer to lots and quarters. Your land data is going to need something that matches those legals. If you are mapping assets yourself, it's also going to be much easier if the land grid is sliced and diced accurately for you.

Is your land grid consistent and easy to integrate?

Seamless and Contiguous

Land grid is pieced together primarily by meridians across the country. For some data providers this means holes in their grid across state boundaries. Our land data is seamless and contiguous across state boundaries. Our data attributes are standardized and logical allowing for easy integration across datasets and platforms.

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