Imagine facing a costly dispute due to conflicting land surveys. It's a high-stakes situation many in the oil and gas sector dread.

In any land asset-driven industry, discrepancies between different land surveys can lead to significant conflicts and delays. One of our clients faced this exact problem, with two opposing surveys (one based on metes and bounds and the other from an apparent survey marker) casting doubt on the boundaries of their operational field.

The stakes were high. Errors could result in wasted resources, legal disputes, and lost time - a nightmare scenario that could derail an entire project.

Thankfully, tax parcel data came to the rescue. By integrating the ownership polygons, up-to-date tax parcel information, our client could cross-reference and validate the correct survey data, leading to the answer.

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Make informed decisions based on accurate data. Because when it comes to land, the right information isn't just valuable – it's essential.