Oklahoma Oil and Gas Well and Production Data
We would like to proudly introduce the newest addition to our rapidly growing list of products: Oklahoma oil and gas well and production data. Once purchased, each delivery includes well headers, formation tops, completions, casings, surveys, initial potentials, perforations and monthly production - with monthly updates. All well data is delivered in WellBase Ascii4 format and CSV files, and is also available in Google BigQuery and GeoJSON. It is easy to import into LMKR GeoGraphix and Petra. Production dates back to 1987. Well records dating back to the early 1900s. Updated monthly. We only include the non-null data with no duplicates. Oklahoma Oil and Gas Well and Production data provides access to a staggering amount of data at your fingertips:
  • 474,000+ Well Records
  • 36,700,000+ Production Records
  • 150,000+ Formation Records
  • 140,000+ Completion Records
  • 44,000+ Casing Records
  • 50,000+ Perforation Records
  • 2,600,000+ Survey Records (21,000+ surveys)
  • 146,000+ Initial Potentials