Building Footprints

Explore the most complex and detailed tax parcel dataset paired with 135 million+ building footprints. Data that includes the building polygon, the primary occupancy, the parcel of land it resides on, address, height of the building and area of the building - all matched with the most up-to-date tax parcels available. 

Understand the complete location:

  • Identify the use and type of building
  • Know where the buildings are positioned
  • Identify vacant land
  • Review building shapes and sizes, and assess building height
  • Match IDs and addresses across Land Ownership

Having precise data on building footprints within tax parcels allows you to make informed decisions about land use, zoning regulations, and infrastructure development. It provides insights into the spatial distribution of buildings and enables more strategic planning for transportation, utilities, and community services.

Learn the most about your area to make the right decisions for your projects. Our nationwide and up-to-date building footprints matched with our nationwide and up-to-date tax parcels provide the most comprehensive surface land picture available.