Tax Parcel Data

It's been a big year when it comes to tax parcels. Our coverage has now expanded to over 3,200 counties, with less than 50 counties remaining to have 100% complete nationwide coverage.

Most of our parcels are updated more than twice per year and contain over 26 property attributes with property boundaries including APN, Land Use, School District, Market Value, Acreage, Physical Address, Mailing Address, Census Tract, Census Block, and more.

Parcel data delivery is available in multiple formats including Shapefile, FGDB, KMZ, GeoJSON, WMS, and WFS.


Regularly Updated

Our dataset is 150+ million parcel boundaries and growing with 99.5% of coverage for the US population. This includes the polygons and the tax rolls.

Low Cost

Standardized and seamless across the United States, our data has one data model and rationalized data fields. Our schema has all the major attributes including PID, Owner, Owner Address, Street Address, Market Value, etc. The attributes are tied to the associated polygons and delivered in requested formats.


Nationwide Coverage

Some of our counties are updated each quarter, with most updated two times per year. Each county comes with detailed date information for tracking and internal updating.


Detailed Attributes

Most of our counties cost $200-$300 per county with no ongoing rental or fees. Updates are available at 50% of the buy price starting in year one. You will never need to remove or delete the data, it's yours to own forever. With USLandGrid, conducting thorough research on land parcels becomes more efficient and accurate.

Whether you're a mapper, a real estate professional, a land developer, or a government agency, our platform empowers you to make well-informed decisions by providing comprehensive and reliable data.